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33.00R51 Michelin XDR3 B4

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Size: 33.00R51
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Brand Michelin
Country: France
TRA-code: E-4R
Compound: B4
Tire ply (strength): ★★
Tire type: TL (tubeless)
Load index, kg: kg:38 750
Speed index, km/h: km/h:B / 50
Recommended tire pressure, kg/cm2: kg/cm2:6.1
TKPH: 620
Rim/disc: 24.00/5.0[4.4]
Tread depth, mm: mm:94
Width, mm: mm:921
Diameter, mm: mm:3049

33.00R51 Michelin XDR3 E-4R B4 off the road tire is a new heavy-duty mining truck tire with an E-4R traction tread. The chemical composition of the B4 rubber (compound) gives the tire an optimal balance between abrasive resistance and the ability to use the tire at operating speed on uneven roads. The new tire is now equipped with corrosion-proof cables; A revolutionary new tread pattern that gives Michelin XDR3 tires better cooling (identical to the tread pattern of the XDR250). Estimated minimum increase by 10%* in tire life without reducing the TKHP! Tires 33.00R51 are one of the most demanded sizes of radial off the road tires, which are used on rigid frame dump trucks with a carrying capacity of up to approximately 160 tons: these are the well-known BelAZ 7513, Caterpillar 785 series and, for example, Volvo Euclid R130. Recommended conditions of use assume that each 33.00R51 tire is capable of carrying up to 38.7 tonnes at speed up to 50 km/h. The average tread depth is about 90 mm. Working pressure 6.1 kg/cm2. The width of the tire section range is within 900 mm, and the height (diameter) is slightly more than 3 meters, therefore, based on such dimensions, the 33.00R51 tires can only be transported in an open container of the "open top" type, 9 pieces each. Applicability: rigid frame dump trucks with payload up to 150 tonnes: Belaz 75131 Belaz 75137NA Caterpillar 785 Caterpillar 785B Caterpillar 785C Caterpillar 785D Volvo Euclid R120E Volvo Euclid R130 Volvo Euclid R130B Volvo Euclid R130M Volvo Euclid R150 Komatsu Haulpak 510E Komatsu Haulpak 530M Komastu HD1500-7 Terex MT3300 Terex MT3300AC Terex MT3314B

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