Customs clearance of used tires from any part of the world

Delivery ways

Transportation company

We receive your request, ️ collect and agree on the batch. Then, we send the items to your warehouse by a transportation company within a day. Delivery cost is calculated individually, which is paid by you. For a large batch, we can offer free delivery. It is negotiated individually.

We receive your request
We collect and agree on the batch
Send the items to the warehouse by a transportation company within a day.
Customer pickup

You can come to our warehouse, see and choose the tires yourself. You need to previously agree with our managers on the time when you can come so that they can arrange a permit for transportation. We have a lift truck in the warehouse, which will allow you to quickly and easily load items to your transport. Our warehouse is located in the Moscow region, Hanusovo, Industrial zone, building 50.

Weight, volume, dimensions of Michelin XZL 16.00R20 tires: Weight: 154 kg, volume: 0.74 m3, height: 130 cm, width: 40 cm.

Payment methods

In cash

Cash payment is available only in case of customer pickup

Non-cash Transaction

Payment with and without VAT is possible. We conclude an agreement and issue an invoice. We provide a full package of documents.

Bank card payment

You can transfer funds to our corporate card. We will provide a receipt.

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